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Combined Science

Required Practicals (AQA)

B1 Microscopy  (Answers)
B2 Microbiology **  (Answers)
B3 Osmosis  (Answers)
B4 Food Tests  (Answers)
B5 Enzymes  (Answers)
B6 Photosynthesis  (Answers)
B7 Reaction Time  (Answers)
B8 Plant Responses **  (Answers)
B9 Field Investigations  (Answers)
B10 Decay **  (Answers)
C1 Making Salts  (Answers)
C2 Neutralisation **  (Answers)
C3 Electrolysis  (Answers)
C4 Temperature Changes  (Answers)
C5 Rates of Reaction  (Answers)
C6 Chromatography  (Answers)
C7 Identifying Ions **  (Answers)
C8 Water Purification  (Answers)
P1 Specific Heat Capacity  (Answers)
P2 Thermal Insulation **  (Answers)
P3 Resistance  (Answers)
P4 I-V Characteristics  (Answers)
P5 Density  (Answers)
P6 Force and Extension  (Answers)
P7 Acceleration  (Answers)
P8 Waves  (Answers)
P9 Light **  (Answers)
P10 Radiation and Absorption  (Answers)